I'm abbie

HERE'S a little bit of my story

Welcome, I'm Abbie and I'm *so* freakin' glad you're here. I love my clients and job so much! Some of the best people find me and I’ve honestly became friends with many of them! Photography isn't just a job to me and I treat the memories that I give you like they are my own. Just ask my husband how many sessions we've done now!

When it comes to sessions I try to make the “dreaded photo shoot” as your husband puts it so.much.freaking.fun! I don't want this to be a “let’s all wear the same exact thing, head down to the local dept. store, boring experience”. That’s not what you get when you hire me. You get *you* YOUR family, the people you are right now at this stage in your life, that you! I want to give you the memories your children and grandchildren, hell, great grandchildren will look back on someday. No matter what it is, your wedding, anniversary, that fresh new baby in the hospital, your week old newborn, or just your family as you are, that’s what I want to give you. The you that you’ll want to remember in 30 years when you pull out the photo and the memory brings back that squishy baby in your arms and that newborn smell.  One of my favorite things is looking through photos, and the thought that when people do that in the coming years, I’m someone they’ll remember as part of that is just humbling to me. I get to be part of monumental moments in people’s lives and that blows my mind.

random shit about me 

Becoming a Mom has been one of the best experiences of my life & having two of the sweetest (wild) girls ever is so much fun! 


                                              I love to travel!


The hubs and I have been together since he was 17 & I was 15! I actually forget our wedding anniversary so it's tatted on my ankle! 


A funny newborn photo of mine went insanely viral, I mean like Today Show viral.. Right! Mind blown! 


I have an actual addiction to Target and Free People..
My husband would classify it as a problem ;) 


     True crime podcasts, I freaking love them! 


Pizza is life. I once ate it everyday for a week, but I really think I could beat that streak! ;) 


I can’t cook, but I can make KILLER chocolate chip cookies. 


I absolutely love tattoos! I'm at the point where I can no longer count how many I have.