family photos on fort Myers beach

Carfield Family || Fort Myers Beach


Family vacations are something, am I right? I mean when you have kids you’re basically just parenting somewhere new without all of your conveniences of home.. At least I always feel that way! But you know what? Traveling with my kids has been one of my favorite things! Don’t get me wrong, our first trip with just one kid and that first trip with two kids, phew.. TERRIFIED! But I have learned to chill the F out, relax and just go with it.. let the memories make themselves. And every single trip my kids have THRIVED, it has always been so amazing to see them adapt and have a blast.. So maybe that’s why I love photographing families on vacation, I don’t truly know.. But when Megan texted me asking about a session while they were on vacation and we just happened to be planning our own trip to Fort Myers it was like fate. Which has actually happened a few times now, once was Maui, Hawaii and let me tell you.. that was a great session! Anyways, I get distracted, I’m obsessed with this family and the beach. Plus vacation photos just help add to your already amazing memories from your trip. ‘amiright?

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